Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, she's so cute!

Okay, I'm about to say some pretty cheesy things.  If that kind of stuff bothers you... well, I can't help you. If not, read on and learn all about my favourite person in the whole entire world!

This is Indy.

She's not my daughter, or my granddaughter (duh! I'm only 20) or my niece.  She's my cousin, and I won't hesitate to say that she's the bestest, cutest, funniest little person I've ever met.  Especially when she's eating cupcakes.  She smacks her lips, and chatters the whole time.  And of course, she gets cupcake goo all over herself and her high chair.

Before I continue to gush over Indy, I'll explain about the cupcakes.  My best friend, Jamie, and I had never made or eaten red velvet cupcakes before, so we decided to try it.  They were soooooo delicious!  And Indy thought so too.

Indy came over later in the day, after Jamie and I had baked the cupcakes, and she just knew that there were cupcakes in the house, and demanding of her mother to "Try one Mum?  Can I try one?"

I gave her a cupcake and watched (and photographed) everything she did after that.  I sure sound like a creeper, don't I?  I just can't help it though, she's just so sweet!

Words I use to describe Indy:  precious, beautiful, brilliant, adorable, wonderful, sweet, perfect, cutie-petutie (not a word, I know), fabulous, blessing from Jesus (I know, I know), the light of my life (seriously Jacy?!)...

She's two years old, blond yet very smart, loves Barbies and cupcakes (a girl after my own heart)... how can I not be completely in love with her?!  And I mean that in a totally non-creepy way!


  1. Awe...She is sooo cute! Nice pictures too!

  2. Oh Jacy!!!! Very funny and sweet! Indy loves you too (and your baking) :)