Monday, March 12, 2012

The Ugliest Smoothie Ever

Is that not the nastiest looking smoothie ever?  It's all speckled and chunky-looking, not to mention it's a creepy shade of greenish-grey.  Yikes!

This smoothie is so ugly because instead of containing fruit and yogurt and other delicious smoothie things, it contains everything you might find in a salad: avocado, lettuce, seaweed (yikes!), and several other veggies.  You may ask, why one earth would I ever blend a salad?!?!  Well, for starters, blended salads are easier to digest and often more nutritious than "chewed" salads.  They are filling, yet low-calorie, and are an excellent snack or meal, especially if you're trying to lose weight or are just feeling sick or bloated.  Besides that, they actually do taste good!  If you don't believe me, make one and decide for yourself!

Blended Salad

one small tomato
chunk of cucumber
a few leaves of romaine lettuce
two or three stalks of celery
chunk of red, green, or orange bell pepper
one small apple
splash of lemon juice
one teaspoon dulse flakes

Place these items (in the order given) in a high-powered blender and process until the "salad" has the consistency of baby food.  Test it, and add ice or additional veggies/fruits to make it taste the way you like it.

Drink it up, and think of all the beautiful veggies you're putting into your body, all without the time and effort that goes into making and eating actual salads!

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  1. I don't know why I can't get over the idea of this. It just seems so funny to me.